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2018-09-18 11:00:10


Day 1: October 31, Wednesday  
Time Title Venue
08:30-08:50 Forum Registration Lobby, Main Hall
08:50-09:10 Keynote Lecture Main Hall
Speaker : Han Goo Lee (Kyung Hee University)
Human Image in Global Age: Homo Non-Clausus
09:10-10:40 Plenary Session 1 : Others, We, and Homo Non-Clausus Main Hall
Moderator/Commentator : Peter Baumann (Swarthmore College)
1.Eda DEDEBAS DUNDAR (University of Nevada, Reno/Bogazici University)
Witnessing the Distant Other in the 21st Century
2.Chetana NAGAVAJARA (Silpakorn University, Thailand)
The Others as Our Betters: Case Studies from Thailand
3.Albert BRAZ (University of Alberta)
Heterogeneous Nations/ Heterogeneous Citizens: The National Visage in the Twenty-First Century
4.Yong HUANG (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
 "The First Person Authority: Or Knowing Others Better than They Do Themselves?"
5.Wha-Chul SON (Handong University)
Do "We" Play God?: The Problem of "We" in Technological Society
10:40-10:50 Break Lobby, Main Hall
10:50-12:40 Parallel Session 1  
Cultural Identity in Multicultural Society K1
Moderator/Commentator : Moustafa Bayoumi (Brooklyn College)
1.Yih-Fen HUA (National Taiwan University)
Images of Strangeness in Contemporary Historiography -- 19th century’s emotional legacy and 21st century’s reaction
2.Fakrul ALAM (East West University)
Rediscovering the Human Image by Crossing Borders: Amitav Ghosh’s Writerly Travels/Travails
3.Kimberly MC KEE (Grand Valley State University)
Imagining Korea: Adoptees Articulations of Homeland
4.Su Kyung KANG (Pusan National University / International Center of Korean Research at Moscow State University)
A Study on Multicultural Socialization and Cultural Adoption of International Migrants – Focused on Russian-speaking Migrants
5.YoungHee WON (Handong Global University)
 Sustainability in Humanities by Empowerment of Interdisciplinary Scope in Academia: Focusing on Translation Studies
Human Images in Literatures l  K2
Moderator/Commentator : Alexandra POULAIN (University of the New Sorbonne, Paris 3)
1.Frances DICKEY (University of Missouri)
Beyond Appearances: Modernist Portraiture
2.Holly MASTURZO (Florida State College at Jacksonville)
The Image of the Moving Body as Catalyst for and Locus of Cultural Change: Interrogating the Transformative Potential of Performance
3.Igor SHAYTANOV (Russian State University for the Humanities)
Comparative/historical poetics in an age of cultural studies
4.Nguyen Thi HIEN (Vietnam National University of Social Sciences and Humanities)
 Are Humans Mere Bugs? Narratives of Desire and Hatred – Korean Literature from the 1970s to the present
5.Yong Ho CHOI (Hankou University of Foreign Studies))
A Semiotic Approach to Post-Humanity in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
The Spiritual Human Image  K3
Moderator/Commentator : Edward A. Irons (The Hong Kong Institute for Culture, Commerce, and Religion)
1.Ábrahám KOVÁCS (Debrecen Reformed University)
Soulless robots and robots with souls? Evolving Human Image from Communism to Secularism in Hungary
2.S. Brent PLATE (Hamilton College)
Created in Our Image: A Spiritual History of Dolls from Golem to Barbie to AI
3.Ariane PERRIN (Centre for Korean Studies of UMR 8173 & Catholic University of Paris)
 “Journey to the Afterlife : In Life and in Death, the Image of the Deceased in the Koguryo Painted Tombs (4th-7th centuries AD)”
4.Chul CHUN (Hanshin University)
The Age of Artificial Intelligence and Religious Imagination
5.So-Yi CHUNG (Sogang University)
Spirituality and Human Nature in Christian-Confucian Dialogue
The Feminist Human Images  K4
Moderator/Commentator : Phillip Barrish (University of Texas at Austin)
1.Diana BRYDON (University of Manitoba)
Reframing the human: contemporary feminist speculative fictions
2.Krystyna STEBNICKA (University of Warsaw)
Imbrication of women’s image: female virtues in the changing world of ancient Greek cities.
3.Jung-Soon SHIM (Soongsil University)
Reconfiguring the ‘New Woman’ in Koreanized Feminist Discursivity: Na Hye-seok’s Play The Woman in Paris
4.Tahmina MARIYAM (International Islamic University Chittagong)
I Change therefore I am: The Construction of Female Identity in the Works of Tahmima Anam
5.Zoly RAKOTONIERA (University of Antananarivo)
 “Our Women Keep our Skies from Falling: the Female Figure in Contemporary African Novels”
Human Images in the Age of Globalization  K5
Moderator/Commentator : Sherry-ann Singh ( The University of the West Indies)
1.Antonetta L. BRUNO (Department of Oriental Studies, University of Rome La Sapienza)
Moving identities in visual commodities in South Korea
2.José Antonio HERNÁNDEZ MACÍAS (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)
 The Buen Vivir, an alternative for the development of the latin american towns
3.Noel B. SALAZAR (University of Leuven / IUAES)
‘Moveo ergo sum’: Mobility as vital to humanity and its (self-)image
4.Samuel Gerald COLLINS (Towson University)
Latent Human: Tracing Interstitial Lives Between Presence and Absence
5.Jongchol PARK (Gyeongsang National University)
 A Study on the N.Korean Petroleum and C1 Industry during the Kim Jong-Un Era
12:40-13:30 Lunch Roof Garden
13:30-14:15 ◈ Opening Ceremony Main Hall
14:15-14:40 Keynote Address Main Hall
Speaker : Tyler Stovall (Former President of the American Historical Association)
Freedom, Race, and the statue of liberty
14:40-14:50 Break Lobby, Main Hall
14:50-16:20 Parallel Session 2  
Gender and Identity K1
Moderator/Commentator : Tahmina Mariyam (International Islamic University Chittagong)
1.Fumiko UMEZAWA (Keisen University)
An Alternative Image of Women Developed by a New Religion in Early Modern Japan
2.Eurie DAHN (The College of Saint Rose)
 The Colored American Magazine and Black Media Networks in the United States
3.Kwok-kan TAM (Stockholm University/Hang Seng Management College, Hong Kong)
Postsocialist Chinese Nora: Stage Representations of Gender and Body in Changing Womanhood
4.Phillip J. BARRISH (University of Texas at Austin)
Masculinity, Medicine, and Human Empathy in Sinclair Lewis’s _Arrowsmith_
5.Hadeer ABOELNAGAH (Prince Sultan University, Riyadh)
Representation of Muslim Women in the New Media
Human Images in Literatures ll K2
Moderator/Commentator : Frances Dickey(University of Missouri)
1.Akiko MANABE (Shiga University)
Metamorphosis of Images ~Lafcadio Hearn’s_Snow Woman_ & Japanese Contemporary Theatre and Film
2.Peter MARKS (University of Sydney)
Surveillance and Human Refashioning in Super Sad True Love Story and The Circle
3.Steven L. RIEP (Brigham Young University)
Changing Views on Disabled Persons in Contemporary Chinese Language Literature and Cinema
4.James SHERRY (Segue Foundation Inc., Roof Books)
Against One Model Alone
5.Youngmin KIM (Dongguk University)
The Ethics of Literary Representation of the Human Image
Human Images & East Asian Thoughts  K3
Moderator/Commentator : Jin Y. Park (American University)
1.Byeongsam SUN (Sungkyunkwan University)
Yi Gan's Inclination Toward the Learning of the Mind-Heart in the 18th Century:A Comparison with Wang Yangming's Mind-Heart Philosophy
2.Chung-yi CHENG (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
A New Interpretation of Wang Yangming Doctrine of the Unity of Knowing and Acting
3.Achim BAYER (Kanazawa Seiryo University)
On the Buddhist Conception of Human Beings as Dream Apparitions
4.Zhigang ZHANG (Peking University)
 Cultural Giving-back: A New Realm of the Exchange between Human Civilizations, with the Sinicization of Buddhism as a Case Study
Human Images &  New Perspectives ll  K4
Moderator/Commentator : Yong Huang (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
1.George KARAMANOLIS (University of Vienna)
 A Roman ethical concept: Dignitas
2.Moustafa BAYOUMI (Brooklyn College, City University of New York )
Do you see what I see? Representing War and the Human in the Internet Age
3.Shin KIM (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)
Human Beings, Persons, and Their Future Personas
4.Sun-Ah KANG (University of Seoul)
Utopia , Possible World, and Metaphor
5.Hongjin LIU (Tsinghua University)
Photographic Physiognomy from Charles Darwin to Katherine Blackford (1870s-1910s): reading emotions or human characteristics?
Human Images in the Age of Techonology  K5
Moderator/Commentator : .Harold P. SJURSEN (New York University (NYU); ANHN; CIPSH)
1.Friedrich WALLNER (Institute for Philosophy / University of Vienna)
The Change of the Human Image by the Loss of Surveyability
2.Hans-Georg MOELLER (University of Macau)
Sincerity, Authenticity, and Profilicity: Images of Human Identity
3.Peter HA (Kyung-Hee University)
The Post-modern Subject in the Philosophy of Heidegger
4.Riccardo POZZO (University of Verona/Institut International de Philosophie)
Innovation for Inclusion and Reflection
5.Yeonsook PARK (Kyungpook National University)
“Beyond Boundaries : Is AI Aesthetic?”
Busan Metropolitan City Session Main Hall
Moderator/Commentator : Jihoon Lee (Philo Artlab)
1.Jungsun KIM (Dona-A university)
Regional Characteristics of Art in Busan - Focusing on the Image of "Ocean and Women" 
2.Youn-yeong LEE (Indigo Seowon)
Humanism and Responsibility of Youth
3.Hyungchan KIM (Kim Hyung-chan Popular music laboratory)
Busan's popular song and human spirit
16:20-17:50 Parallel Session 3  
The New Environment and the Human Images  K1
Moderator/Commentator : Riccardo Pozzo (University of Verona)
1.Dorine VAN NORREN (University of Tilburg)
global citizenship and the intercultural perspective on human rights
2.Raymond ANTHONY (University of Alaska Anchorage)
Conservation and the Dawn of the Anthropocene: Naturalistic Conceptions of Human-Nature Relationships in Dialogue with Alaska Native Ecosophy Constructs
3.Gyuseog HAN (Chonnam nat. University & Korea Aerospace University)
Retrieving Humanity for Sustainable Earth
4.Ae-Ryung KIM (Ewha Womans University)
Bio-Techno-Media: New Reproductive Technologies and Motherhood
5.Robert T. TALLY JR (Texas State University)
Homo Cartographicus
Humanities Moments:Making visible the Human Image in Memory, Archives, and Classrooms  K2
Moderator/Commentator : Noel Salazar (University of Leuven)
1.Andrew PAYNE (National Archives)
Imaging Others or Projecting Ourselves: What do British Colonial photographs really reveal?
2.Andy MINK (National Humanities Center)
Humanities Moments: Making Visible the Human Image in Memory, Landscape, Archives, and Classrooms
3.Ben WALSH (History Association)
Memory and Memorial
4.Sarah MOLINA (Art Institute of Chicago)
The Human Image in Museums
Kazakhstan Session K3
Moderator/Commentator : Igor Shaytanov (Russian State University for the Humanities)
1.Aliya Kuryshzhan (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Kazakh National University)
On the sharing the polyethnicity experience in a globalized world
2.Aripova Aziza KHASANOVNA (University of World Economy and Diplomacy)
Sociocultural realities in the development of personality
3.Gulgaisha SAGIDOLDA (L.N. Gumilyev Eurasian National University)
4.Nelly KHAN (Kazakh Ablaikhan University of International Relations & World Languages)
Key concepts of the communicative category of politeness in Korean and Russian
5.Valeriy KHAN (Institute of History, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan)
Globalization of Ethnicity: From Nations to Meta-Nations.
The Diversity of the Human Image  K4
Moderator/Commentator : Krystyna Stebnicka (University of Warsaw)
1.Christina HAN (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Between Exotic Self and Exotic Other: Images of East Asians in 19th-century Export Paintings and Early 20th-century Photo Postcards
2.David William KIM (Australian National University)
Images of War Refugees, Orphans and Women: Post-war Korea (1954-1960s) and Australian Social Rehabilitation Campaign
3.Jiwon KIM (Daejin University)
The Korean Family in the Process of Adjustment During the 1920s-1930s: Creating the Structure and Characteristics of the Korean Nuclear Family
4.Subhadra Mitra CHANNA (University of Delhi)
The Image of the Human from an Indigenous Perspective: Narratives from the Himalayan border communities
5.Se Geun JEONG (Chungbuk National Univ.)
 Korean Aesthitic and GO Yu Seop
The Change of Human Image in History  K5
Moderator/Commentator : Songho Ha (University of Alaska Angchorage)
1.Zoltán SOMHEGYI (University of Sharjah)
The Human Image seen through the history of exhibiting
2.Luiz OOSTERBEEK (Polytechnic Institute of Tomar. International Council for the Philosophy and Human Sciences)
The birth of Mnemosyne. The emergence of the image of the Human at the dawn of food production
3.Laurent TISSOT (CIPSH, , University of Neuchâtel)
How has tourism transformed the human image ?
4.Jae Hyung CHO (KC University)
The Human Image in the Nag Hammadi Library
5.Sherry-ann SINGH (The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago)
From Pariah to Prime Minister: Transformation in the Images and Imaginings of the Indian Community in the Caribbean
18:00-19:00 Welcome Reception hosted by Mayor of Busan Metropolitan City F1963 Square
19:00-19:30 Move to Busan Citizen's Hall by Shuttle Bus  
19:30-21:30 Cultural Event 1(Optional) - Musical Busan Citizen's Hall



Day 2: November 1, Thursday  
Time Title Venue
08:30-08:50 Forum Registration Lobby, Main Hall
08:50-09:10 Keynote Lecture Main Hall
Speaker : Wang Hui (Tsinghua University)
Missions and Challenges of Humanities in Contemporary Context — From a Chinese Perspective
09:10-10:40 Plenary Session 2 : A New Humanites and Human Image Main Hall
Moderator/Commentator : Steven Riep (Brigham Young University)
1.Jüri TALVET (University of Tartu)
2.Wolfgang G. MÜLLER (University of Jena)
What Is Human Life Worth? The Dilemma of Who to Save in Philosophy and Literature
3.Jongmyung KIM (The Academy of Korean Studies)
The Human Image of Modern Society and Life of Coexistence
4.Tunde ADELEKE (Department of History/African & African American Studies Program, Iowa State University)
Black Men in the American Imaginary from Slavery to Black Lives Matter
5.Niels NIESSEN (University of Amsterdam)
 Shot on iPhone: Apple's World Picture
10:40-10:50 Break Lobby, Main Hall
10:50-12:40 Parallel Session 4  
Ecology and Human Images  K1
Moderator/Commentator : Fakrul Alam (East West  University)
1.Alexandra POULAIN (University of the New Sorbonne)
"Enigmatic gazes in Zanele Muholi’s “Faces and Phases”"
2.Anne M. THELL (National University of Singapore)
upon the wing again': Robinson Crusoe, Travel, and Madness
3.Naoko TORAIWA (Meii University)
“If it’s life that controls the geological machinery of the planet”: The Human Image in the Network in Sinéad Morrissey’s Poems
4.Susan PHILIP (University of Malaya)
Cultural Mapping: Connecting Youth with Heritage
5.Songho HA (University of Alaska Anchorage)
Conflicting Images of Native Americans in the Jacksonian Era
Human Images in Literatures lll K2
Moderator/Commentator : Peter Marks (University of Sydney)
1.Desmond EGAN (Poet; Artistic Director The Gerard Manley Hopkins International Literary Festival)
How Literature Can Save Civilisation
2.Huxiong JIN (College of Korean Studies, Yanbian University)
A Study on the Image of the Chinese Created in Chinese Korean Novels
3.Mijung KANG (Seoul National University)
Pragmatist Roots of the Affect Theory
4.John GERY (University of New Orleans)
 An “Attar so immense// From the familiar species”: The Evolving Role of the Image in U.S. Poetry
5.Silvia MEJIA (The College of Saint Rose)
How Does Human Look? The Monster as the Ultimate Other in The Shape of Water
Human Images & Comparative Thoughts  K3
Moderator/Commentator : Seungchul Kim (Nanzan University)
1.Hsien-hao Sebastian LIAO (National Taiwan University)
The Concept of the Human Moving East: New Materialist and Taoist Convergence
2.Hee Sun BYUN ( Boston College)
Bernard Lonergan's notion of interllectual conversion as a foundational reality in the origin of Korean Catholicism
3.Jin Y. PARK (American University)
“Derrida, Buddhism, and the Future of Human Dignity”
4.Weon-Ki  YOO (Keimyung University)
An Aristotelian Account of Yulgok’s Theory of Human Beings
The Ideal Images of Human  K4
Moderator/Commentator : Raymond Anthony (University of Alaska Anchorage)
1.Edward Y. J. CHUNG (University of Prince Edward Island)
“YI Toegye on the Ideal Human Image: A Modern Confucian and Global Perspective”
2.Mark F. RUML (University of Winnipeg)
The Image of the Ideal Human in Canadian Dakota (Sioux) and Ojibwe Thought and Worldview
3.Peter BAUMANN (Swarthmore College)
Against Perfection
4.So Jeong PARK (Sungkyunkwan University)
Ecological Self in the Zhuangzi: Upside-down image of Human beings
5.Sung-Eun Thomas KIM (University of British Columbia)
Human Images in Tumultuous Worlds: Images of Eminent Monks During the Late Joseon and Early Modern Periods
Transhuman  K5
Moderator/Commentator : Brent Plate(Hamilton College)
1.Rommel A. CURAMING (University of Brunei Darussalam)
The Posthuman Turn: Implications for Historical Theory and Methodology
2.Seong Won PARK (National Assembly Futures Institute)
With Whom will Humans Live in a Transhuman Society?
3.Edward A. IRONS (The Hong Kong Institute for Culture, Commerce and Religion)
Transhumanism in China: The Coming Neuroreligion
4.Soo-Hwan KIM (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)
Ethics of Temporality”: Total Biopolitics of Russian cosmism
12:40-13:30 Lunch Roof Garden
13:30-15:00 Parallel Session 5  
Language and Human Image  K1
Moderator/Commentator : John Gery (University of New Orleans)
1.Andrej BEKES (University of Ljubljana)
The Human Image in a Changing World: Changing image of language in modern and contemporary language research
2.Myeong Chin CHO (Korean Institute for Future Strategies(KIFS))
The Correlation between Languages and Human Images: Identity Crisis in the 4th Industrial Age-From an AI Perspective
3.Jean-Louis VAXELAIRE (University of Namur)
 What's in a name? Naming and identity in a changing world
4.Magripa YESKEYEVA (L.N. Gumilyev Eurasian National University)
5.Dan WANG (Peking University)
Humanities Exchange between China-Korea: The Status, Problems and approaches
Human Images in the Future Age K4
Moderator/Commentator : Kam Shapiro (Illinois State University)
1.Harold P. SJURSEN (New York University)
Is Contemporary Technology Altering the Way We Imagine What it Means to be Human?
2.Hitoshi OSHIMA (Fukuoka University)
The human image in the age of science
3.Alan K. L. CHAN (Nanyang Technological University)
Technology for Humanity: The Role of the Humanities in the Era of the 4th Industrial Revolution
4.Jong-Kwan LEE (Sungkyunkwan University)
Homo Culturalis, The Protagonist of the 4th industrial Revolution?
5.Seung Chul KIM (Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture / Nanzan University)
Decentering the Human in the Dialogue among Science, Buddhism and Christianity in Asia
Human Images & New Perspectives l  K5
Moderator/Commentator : David William Kim (Australian National University)
1.Michael B. TOTH (University College London/R.B. Toth Associates)
Advanced Imaging Technologies Reveal New Insights into the Human Image
2.Andreia De Paula VIEIRA (Universidade Positivo/Centro de Pesquisa da Universidade Positivo)
Human-animal Relationships in the Age of Precision Monitoring Technologies: Animal Welfare Science Meets Ethics
3.Irakli KHODELI (UNESCO, Jakarta Science Bureau for Asia and the Pacific)
The Role of Sport in Promoting a Healthy Human Image in the Context of the 2030 Agenda
4.Shin AHN (Pai Chai University)
A Korean Image of Jesus in Unbo Kim Gichang(1913~2001) - A Comparative Perspective
5.Young E. RHEE (Kangwon National University)
Ressentiment and Overman in the Posthuman Age
15:00-18:20 Busan Tour (Optional) - Haedong Yongung Temple Haedong Yongung
18:30-19:30 Dinner TBD
19:30-21:30 Cultural Event 2(Optional) – Movie Screening Busan Cinema Center




Day 3: November 2, Friday  
Time Title Venue
08:30-08:50 Forum Registration Lobby, Main Hall
08:50-09:10 Keynote Lecture Main Hall
Speaker : Rosi Braidotti (Utrecht University)
09:10-10:40 Plenary Session 3 : Human Images in the Post-Human Era Main Hall
Moderator/Commentator : John Crowely (UNESCO)
1.Christine DAIGLE (Brock University)
Our Becoming-Posthuman: the delight of material entanglement
2.Kam SHAPIRO (Illinois State University)
Humanities for a Post-Human World: Language, Images and Trees
3.Kwang-Suk LEE (Seoul National University of Science and Technology)
Re-reading the “Digital Humanities” Critically in the Posthuman Era
4.Simone BIGNALL (College of Humanities and Social Sciences/ Flinders University of South Australia)
Against imperial humanism: posthuman images for postcolonial justice
5.Yvonne FOERSTER (Leuphana University Lueneburg, University of Konstanz)
Emergent Technologies and (Post-)Human Embodiment
10:40-10:50 Break Lobby, Main Hall
11:00-12:00 Closing Ceremony / Lunch(Sandwich Bag) Main Hall