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Call for Papers for The 6th World Humanities Forum 2020
2020-04-13 00:17:48
The 6th World Humanities Forum Call for papers.pdf

The 6th World Humanities Forum 2020

Call for Papers


On behalf of the World Humanities Forum Organizing Committee, Korea, we would like to draw your attention to this Call for Proposalsfor Individual Papers as well as Panels - for the upcoming 6th World Humanities Forum (WHF) to be held November 19 to 21 (Thu to Sat) in the historic venue of Gyeongju, the former capital of the Silla dynasty for over one thousand years.

The WHF started in 2011 co-hosted by UNESCO and the Republic of Korea’s Ministry of Education, and it is organized by the National Research Foundation of Korea. Now in its 10th year and preparing for the 6th Forum, the WHF strives to provide a place for human scientists, thinkers, writers, artists, activists, policy-makers, and citizens to explore new visions for the 21st century using the range of perspectives offered by the humanities. We seek to make the forum an excellent opportunity to create “wisdom that matters,” where the sharing of insights extends directly into our present day lives and beyond, into a future we seek to create. At the same time, we hope researchers from beyond the field of humanities will also participate, in the hopes of creating new, mutually beneficial relationships outside of our own disciplines.

The main theme for the 6th World Humanities Forum is “The Humanities of Harmony: Striving towards Coexistence and Mutual Prosperity” and it is accompanied by three sub-themes, “Exchanges & Empathy,” “Conflict & Embrace,” and “Sharing & Spreading,” briefly elaborated below with keywords and ideas to help develop your presentation.

Subtheme 1, “Exchanges & Empathy,” delves into the various kinds of interactions that take place across cultural, regional, and disciplinary boundaries. Our most careful attention will be paid to exchanges between civilizations and empathetic dialogues between the East and the West in topics encompassing language, literature, arts, philosophy and religion. The subtheme also includes discussions on the succession and interaction of cultures, within and across civilizations, as well as the formation of cultural heritages, static and dynamic, tangible and intangible.

Subtheme 2, “Conflict & Embrace,” provides space for a careful reflection on the relationship between humans and nature, particularly in light of the increasing damage that ever-developing human technology has been inflicting on the environment. The theme also seeks to widen its perspective and conceive of new and well thought out ways to create a harmonious state of coevolution between humans, nature, and machines.

Subtheme 3, “Sharing & Spreading,” will specifically deal with a variety of emerging topics, such as the advent of cultural hybridity, the new age of humanities in the presence of new media, prospects for a post- (trans-) human age, and the possibility and sustainability of humanistic reasoning therein. Our focus will be to highlight those aspects of the humanities that represent its flourishing within the public, such as the development and promotion of promising contents like K-contents and K-culture, as well as insights offered into the development of the future of human cities as sites of mature living.

  1. Proposal Submission Guideline

    The 6th World Humanities Forum (“WHF") is now accepting proposals for presentation. The conference will entertain about 20 sessions, with five presentations in each session. Please be reminded that presentations will be limited to one per person. You may submit your proposals for the 6th WHF either individually or as a group (Panel):


    (1) Individual Paper Proposal

    Please submit your proposal by June 30th using the Individual Paper Proposal Form on the WHF website Please refer to the forum’s theme and subthemes when filling out the Form. It may be written in either English or Korean. You will need to provide your proposal description, between 600 to 750 words, and abstract between 200 to 250 words. It is fine for your abstract to appear in your description, in part or whole. Your submission will be reviewed by the forum’s board of reviewers. We will send a notification letter by email by July 20th. We will also put up a notice on our website.


    (2) Panel Proposal

    You can also form a Panel. Please submit your Panel proposal by June 30th using the Panel Proposal Form on the WHF website The representative of the Panel will need to provide the title of the Panel, a list of panelists, a description or rationale for presenting the Panel and short abstracts of each panelists’ paper. Panel proposals will be reviewed by a group of reviewers with particular attention to its suitability to the forum. We will send a notification letter to the email address you provided by July 20th. Once selected, the representative will be required to send a final Panel proposal.


    2. Final Submissions

    All presenters should submit the final version of their paper and abstract by Oct. 1st, 2020 (Thursday). Papers should be no more than 4,000 English words or 8,000 korean words and they will be printed in the official Proceedings.


    3. Language and Format

    All presentations will be delivered in English or korean. Official ceremonies and key speeches of the forum will be interpreted simultaneously from Korean to English. Interpretation is available for any other language should the forum recognize that there are sufficient grounds for it. Language adjustments may be called for to ensure a smooth-running session. Each session will be comprised of one moderator and five presenters and will run for a total of 90 minutes. Individual presentations will be limited to 15 minutes. Please keep in mind that given the limited amount of time, presenters will be asked to provide summarized accounts of their paper. For overseas presenters, we will be using a video conferencing system due to COVID-19 and presentations will be done online. For more information, we will explain how to use the program, how to present the paper, and guide you through the pre-test process.                        

    4. All presenters will be paid a presentation fee.


    Please contact the forum Secretariat Office for more questions at or +82-53-770-5052.


    We look forward to all of your participation.


Best Regards,

Organizing Committee

The Sixth World Humanities Forum





Please find more details in attached files here. (The 6th World Humanities Forum Call for Papers.pdf)