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Announcement of the Selection of Proposals for The 6th World Humanities Forum
2020-07-24 22:08:29




How have you been doing?


This is The 6th World Humanities Forum Secretariat Office.


We are pleased to announce the selection of final presenters of The 6th World Humanities Forum 2020. Regarding the event, please see the following.


Many researchers at home and abroad submitted proposals for presentation to The 6th World Humanities Forum 2020.


The steering committee of the World Humanities Forum has, so far, conducted three deliberation reviews over a 3-week period, in consideration of following factors:  Adequacy of subject, novelty, excellence, ripple effect of research, potential for contribution to the forum, etc.


Despite the excellent proposal submissions, we apologize as we have a limited number of invites for researchers to present.


Information regarding the result of the final selection of presenters has been returned by e-mail.

The final presenters selected should submit (the final version) of their abstracts and papers for presentation to the forum secretariat office, by Oct. 1st. 2020.


In this forum, the papers should be no more than 8,000 Korean characters or 4,000 English words and they will be printed in the official Proceedings.


This forum will be held both online and off-line, due to COVID-19. For overseas presenters, we will be using a video conferencing system, and the presentation will be carried out online. The online presentation method will be made public later.


For more information, contact the forum Secretariat Office.


Thank you.



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